Tablet Manufacturing

Gemini’s tablet compression department is among the most extensive in the industry. We employ a diverse range of tablet presses to accommodate a variety of product formulations, shapes, and sizes. Every year Gemini manufactures billions of tablets for our customers encompassing both dietary supplements and OTC pharmaceuticals.

Our knowledgeable Product Engineers are experts in formulation to ensure proper manufacturability. We make certain the tablets we manufacture meet all specifications including weight variation, hardness, friability, and disintegration to guarantee product efficacy.

Gemini’s tablet compression department is among the most extensive in the industry.

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Why Choose Tablets?

Tablets present a convenient, cost-effective, and familiar dosage format for a broad range of formulations. They can be taken on the go and are easily administered making them a preferred choice for consumers and healthcare professionals alike.

Tablets have been known to offer great stability over other delivery formats and can be engineered/customized in many ways. Gemini may also recommend tablets for formulations that are simply too large to fit into capsules. A benefit of tablets is that the punch size can be selected to accommodate formulations with either small or large dosage requirements.

Tablet Manufacturing Options

Gemini has the tooling and equipment to manufacture tablets in many convenient easy-to-swallow options. Based on the formulation and milligram weight we will select the proper tablet size and & shape that will work best for your formulation. Our expertise as a contract tablet manufacturer makes Gemini the go-to choice for many leading brands.

Your typical tablet formulation incorporates active ingredients and inactive ingredients (excipients) that will maintain the tablet’s integrity while also ensuring the pills disintegrate once administered. In addition to our stock tooling, you may select to have a custom punch and die set produced in a unique sized & shapes.

Tablet tooling can also be produced to include custom debossing with letters, numbers or shapes imprinted into the tablet’s surface. The tablet markings are often used to help identify the product and can also enhance brand marketing initiatives.

Modified Release Tablets

Brands choose Gemini as their modified-release tablet manufacturer due to our years of experience engineering these unique tablets. Certain products require the tablet to dissolve over time such as in a sustained release application or resist disintegration for delayed release applications.

Our bi-layer tablet manufacturing capabilities can combine two different release characteristics for each layer of the tablet. A single tablet comprised of two distinct layers can have one side disintegrate under a standard time frame whereas the other can disintegrate over a longer period. This allows formulators to create products with unique profiles to optimize product efficacy. We can also add natural or food-safe colorants to each layer to help create a clear distinction between sides, further enhancing the product’s visual appeal.

Chewable tablets present a great option for oral delivery without the need for water. The mechanical action of chewing quickly breaks down the tablet into smaller particles for rapid absorption. Gemini’s flavor specialists will work with you in selecting the best flavor profile for your formulation. Organoleptic properties are optimized for smell, taste, after-taste, and mouthfeel. Flavors and sweeteners can be modified to offer many different versions of the same product to suit the customer’s preference.

Tablet Quality

All tablets are manufactured in our cGMP facilities to the highest standards. As part of the last step in tablet manufacturing, Gemini’s state-of-the-art tablet coating department is where all our tablets are coated & sealed. This assists with product integrity, visual appearance, and aids in swallowing.

Gemini offers aqueous clear coating, color coating, natural color coating, organic coatings as well as enteric coating options. To maintain maximum purity, every suite is fitted with HEPA air filtration and utilizes water from our USP purified water system.

Tablet Types

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