Capsule Manufacturing

Gemini Pharmaceuticals operates one of the country’s most extensive encapsulation suites. Utilizing a diverse range of high-speed capsule filler machines, Gemini produces billions of capsules every year. From simple to complex formulations, we work with it all. 

Gemini offers best-in-class capsule manufacturing with unlimited formulation possibilities

Capsules range in size and are selected to best fit each application. Gelatin capsules, vegetarian friendly, and delayed release capsules are among the most popular.
Capsules offer a convenient delivery format to provide precise dosages of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids and other specific compounds.

Capsule Types

Certified BSE-Free Gelatin Capsules

Vegetarian Compliant Capsules

Vegan Friendly Capsules

Colored Capsules

Delayed Release Capsules

Organic Capsules