Capsule Manufacturing

Gemini Pharmaceuticals is the premier contract dietary supplement manufacturer in the industry for capsules. As a leader in capsule manufacturing, Gemini operates one of the largest and most extensive encapsulation suites. Utilizing a diverse range of high-speed capsule filler machines, Gemini produces billions of capsules every year. From simple to complex formulations, we work with it all.

Being a nutraceutical manufacturer with decades of experience we have developed and engineered thousands of formulations with a vast range of ingredients. Our product development department reviews every capsule formula to optimize its manufacturability and ensure the highest quality.

Gemini reviews every capsule formula to optimize its manufacturability and ensure the highest quality

Why Choose Capsules?

Capsules offer a convenient delivery method for a wide array of dietary supplement and nutraceutical formulations. Among the benefits of a capsule delivery system, is that they are easy to swallow and contain the precise amount of nutrients in each dosage.
Once a gelatin or vegetarian capsule is swallowed by the user, the shell will break down in the stomach in about fifteen to thirty minutes releasing the ingredients for digestion. Special capsule types may be engineered to resist breaking down so quickly, these are called Delayed Release Capsules. These acid-resistant capsules have properties that deliver nutrients where desired and can help mask odor while reducing aftertaste.
Since being introduced in the 1800’s consumers have grown to prefer capsule products, they remain one of the most popular formats for both dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products. Gemini can review and optimize your capsule formulation to ensure it is efficacious and consumer friendly.

Clean Label Capsule Manufacturing

Gemini has led the way as a clean label capsule manufacturer utilizing “clean label” excipients for production. The clean-label alternatives take the place of traditional pharmaceutical ingredients in the formulation. Excipients are an important part of the manufacturing process and allow for the consistent production of capsules. The excipients ensure proper fill weight, content uniformity, and can assist with the closure of capsules which are all critical to producing a high-quality product. Over the years we have engineered thousands of formulations employing clean label ingredients that will maximize customer approval.

Capsule Manufacturing Options

Capsules range in all different sizes and are selected to fit the need of the application. Gelatin capsules, vegetarian-friendly, organic capsules, and delayed release capsules are among the most popular. We also manufacture capsules that can be certified as Halal, Kosher, and Non-GMO.

Gemini’s team of experts will assist in selecting the right size capsule based on your formula. We not only evaluate the milligram weight but also the physical characteristics of the ingredients. Every ingredient will have its own unique properties which will influence capsule selection. This will include the specific density, flow characteristics, and melting point that are taken into account when designing the formula.

Gemini’s Capsule Sizes

Size 4

Size 2

Size 1

Size 0

Size 00

Size 00EL

Size 000

Our capsule offering provides a variety of color options that can make products exciting and fit a particular brand theme. If you desire a specific color or color combination that is not readily available, capsules can also be custom produced to match a specific pantone. Capsule printing is another option where you can print text or logos directly on the capsule “body” or “cap” to achieve a unique presentation the consumer will remember.

Capsule Types

Certified BSE-Free Gelatin Capsules

Vegetarian Compliant Capsules

Vegan Friendly Capsules

HPMC Capsules

Colored Capsules

Natural Colored Capsules

Pearlized Capsules

Delayed Release Capsules

Organic Capsules

Pullulan Capsules

Kosher certified capsules

Halal Capsules

Non-GMO Capsules

Printed Capsules