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All Products are manufactured in FDA and Health Canada Registered Facilities

Utilizing a diverse range of high-speed capsule filler machines, Gemini produces billions of capsules every year.

We employ a diverse range of tablet presses to accommodate a vast range of product formulations, shapes, and sizes.
High speed automated lines package over 150,000 bottles per shift, complete with optical sensors and full metal detection to ensure the highest quality.
The creative ideation process is brought to life in our state-of-the-art R&D facility where concepts and ideas are transformed into tangible products.
This process will help substantiate expiration dating through shelf life and ensure the finished formula and packaging meets the desired expectations.
Homogenous mixtures ensure labels claims are met for powder, capsule, and tablet formulations.
Tablet coating ensures a high quality product and assists in the convenience of swallowing for the user.
As a pharmaceutical drug and dietary supplement manufacturer, product quality is critical to ensure every item we produce is safe and has passed our rigorous quality testing.