O.T.C. (Over The Counter) Drugs

Gemini has decades of experience as an OTC Pharmaceutical Drug contract manufacturer. We have a strong history of supplying National Brand Equivalent (NBE) and custom OTC products to our valued customers domestically and all over the globe. All products are made right here in our FDA and NSF audited / inspected facilities in the United States.

Our product development team has decades of experience in creating unique combinations of OTC ingredients to address specific indications and large scale National Brand Equivalent offerings. Gemini has a library of items available in different packaging configurations to satisfy your needs. All items are rigorously created and tested in our FDA registered and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and must pass identification, organoleptic, assay and stability testing before being released to market.

Women wearing a lab coat working on a blue HPLC machine
Pharmaceutical manufacturing room featuring a high-speed tablet press

With large capacities and automated highspeed equipment, Gemini produces billions of tablets on an annual basis to support the growing demand for OTC medicines.

Typical Medications & Products Include:



Cough & Cold


Digestive Aids

Stool Softener


Pain Relief

Gas Relief

Headache Treatments