Nutra Ingredients USA Article

I’m not sure the current market demand is a true reflection of what the market will support” says Gemini Pharma CEO. Click to read the article.

A Certificate of Analysis Does Not Equal Transparency

All too often, a certificate of analysis (CoA) is the only document some brand owners see from their contract manufacturer; and for a long time, that represented the apex of a quality relationship. However, one should not confuse a CoA with transparency. Download PDF to read the article.

Creating Contracts for Partnership and Transparency

The new focus on contracts within the dietary supplement industry has sometimes created more confusion than clarity. While companies now distribute supply agreements like Halloween candy, most parties do not appreciate the terms, conditions, liabilities and obligations imposed by these documents. Download PDF to read the article.

Informa Insider Article by Gemini – Verifying Raw Material Blends of Branded Ingredients

Qualifying raw materials is probably one of the toughest tasks faced by contract manufacturing organizations. Intentional or not, 21 CFR 111 excluded raw material suppliers from cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) regulations. For now, the burden of sourcing raw materials and ensuring they meet identity, potency and purity continues to fall on the contract manufacturer, […]

Informa Insider Article by Gemini – Understanding Clean- Label Dietary Supplements

The “clean-label” movement in the supplement industry, which initially had its genesis with the health-conscious consumer, has crossed over into mainstream thought and presents an opportunity to expand the market. Typically, a consumer is looking for a clean-label product to indicate some of the following: simple ingredient names, minimal use of manufacturing aids, inclusion of […]

Informa Insider Article by Gemini – Working with CMOs to Get the Best Value in Your Product

Historically, a brand owner/own-label distributor’s marketing or science team would create or design a product for the brand with no input from a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) about whether such a product could, in fact, be manufactured. This is an area where a partnership and cooperation between a CMO and brand owner/own-label distributor can help […]

Informa Insider Article by Gemini – The Brand Owner/Own Label Distributor and the Contract Manufacturer – A Quality Partnership Built on a Strong Relationship

What does the phrase “quality partnership” really mean, and how integrated does the relationship need to become? Metaphorically, are the two parties interested in casually dating, going steady or are they on the road to marriage? Fortunately for the brand owner/own label distributor, their desires and actions are still the primary drivers for the direction […]