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Informa Insider Article by Gemini – Quality, Supply Agreements - Why Should Brands Care About These?

A discussion on the interaction between Contract Manufacturers and Brand Owners/ Own label Distributors regarding suggested agreements that should be in place.

A brand owner/own label distributor’s mission is to market and sell products. Part of that equation is to buy the highest quality dietary supplements at a competitive price from the contract manufacturing organization (CMO). Historically, the brand owner/own label distributor sends a formula to a CMO, gets a quotation, issues a purchase order, receives the finished product with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), and then is free to sell the product. A formula, a quote, a purchase order and a CoA – what other paperwork is needed? Why clutter-up a straight forward process with other documents and paperwork that are not mandated by FDA?

Download PDF to read the full Informa Insider article.

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