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Pet Supplements

Gemini has been a pioneer for custom pet/ veterinary health and nutrition, and we have many products available for private label.

USA Nutritionals line of products can be found at major retailors and is available for distribution opportunites.

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All of Gemini’s veterinary and pet items are made in our FDA and NSF audited / inspected facilities in the United States, and can be provided in either bulk or in bottled form. Additionally, all of these items are available for export, and our team of experts will assist you with the necessary paperwork and documentation to help you expand your business around the world.

Below please find some examples of our most popular items;

Arthri Eze Supplement for All Pets
Flex – Eze for Large Dogs
Glucosamine Plus Chewable Tablets
Joint Relief Tabs

Travel Eze for Pets
Herbal Calm for Cats and Dogs

Breath Freshener Chewable Tablets
Detox / Allergy Blend
Digestive Aids
Gentle Digest Capsules
Antiox -10 Mulitvitamin (chewable)
Brewers Yeast – Mega-Tabs with Garlic
Essential Fatty Acids Supplement
Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
Senior Blend Mulitvitamin for Dogs
Tartar Control Sweet Breath Tablets
Weight Management for Dogs