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Contract Manufacturing

Gemini has more than 30 years of experience as a premier contract manufacturer of science-backed nutritional products. We specialize in developing first quality, unique formulations (including condition-specific) and line-extensions for customers in the United States and around the world. All products are made in our FDA and NSF International audited / inspected facilities in the United States, and Gemini is one of the few manufactures in the world to achieve both TGA (Australia) and Health Canada registration as well.

Equipment and Facility
With over 45 high-speed tablet presses and 15 automatic and semi-automatic capsule machines, Gemini produces in excess of 13 billion dosage units per year. Additionally, we package over 150,000 bottles per shift in our automated packaging lines, complete with optical sensors and full metal detection to ensure the quality of your products. All activities are performed in our (combined) 130,000 sq. ft production area, ensuring we have complete control over all stages of production. With this capacity and automated production scheduling system, turnaround time on your projects is significantly reduced so we can help our customers respond to market demands.

We have a complete allergen protocol to eliminate cross-contamination, as well as fully validated manufacturing and production process which has been audited and certified both Halal and Kosher by approved organizations. We welcome you to visit our facility to see for yourself the strength of our quality systems and the efforts we put into each of your products.

National Brand Equivalent
Besides custom formulations, Gemini has a strong history of supplying National Brand Equivalent (NBE) and basic vitamin and nutritional products to our valued customers in different trade classes. Our products can be found on the shelves of most major retailers and “big box” stores throughout the United States. Like most of our items, these formulations can be provided in either bulk or in bottled / blistered form.

Export Specialists
With our products in over 80 nations and TGA/Health Canada registration, our team of experts will assist you with the necessary paperwork and documentation to help you expand your business around the world. We are familiar with Certificates of Free Sale, Dossier Creation and other documents required to make your product registration a success, and can help formulate products which will consider local laws and regulations to ensure easy introduction to the marketplace.

We specialize in:

Tablets Capsules Modified release tablets and capsules
Uncoated tablets

Film-coated tablets

Enteric-coated tablets

Sugar-coated tablets
Certified BSE-Free gelatin capsules

Non-Gelatin capsules

Veggie capsules

Colored capsules

Kosher certified capsules
Extended release tablets and capsules

Delayed release tablets and capsules

Long acting tablets and capsules

Bi-Layer tablets
  • Bottling
  • Stretch Packs
  • Bulk Packaging
  • Pouching
  • Blister Packs

Our facility is inspected and registered with the following organizations:

  • FDA
  • DEA
  • NSF International
  • NYS Board Of Pharmacy
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia
  • Orthodox Union (Kosher)